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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Meet the Team: Kerala India

Christopher Sliney      Los Angeles,  CA
I am an avid traveler who has known Kat for many wonderful years.  (We first met when she was an executive at Disney and I ran a production company providing services to her team.)  Whenever Kat would reach out with an email that she was embarking on another build, I would promise to join "one of these days."  Well…that day arrived in February as I joined her and Christina on the trip they led to Haiti.  And I got bit!  (Not by a mosquito but by the build-a-bug.)   

Outside of work, I spend a lot of time in Baja, where I am a member of the Baja Coastal Institute, a non-profit that aspires to help the Sea of Cortez survive overfishing, reckless development and global warming to remain a valuable contributor to ocean health.  I also coach a club soccer team and practice yoga (something tells me there might be some yoga sessions in India!)

 I’m looking forward to working shoulder to shoulder with you in India. 

Douglas Snyder      New York City 
I am so excited to join you all to help build and repair houses in India, take in the culture, and perhaps even get a little relaxation for a moment or two!

This photo of me and my niece is us in Atlanta, where my sister lives. The photo is from about a year ago so that’s how i look, more or less (probably less!).

I live in Astoria, NY and work in the financial district in nyc, doing non-profit work that gives hope and inspiration to people, to live happier lives, and learn how to get through difficult times, and even disasters.

I do freelance videography work for HomeFront, which is a community-based, volunteer-driven home repair program that provides free repairs to low-income homeowners in Connecticut and New York State. I cannot wait to join y’all for this trip to India, so I can actually help build and repair homes, rather than just shoot video of other people doing it! :)

I am also a videographer for Guideposts publications.If anyone is interested in looking at some of my videos, here is a link for some samples:

Matthew Weinstein        Northern California

Hello, my name is Matt Weinstein and I am very excited about our upcoming trip to Kerala India. This will be my second trip with the Fuller center, having just finished a build in Pignon Haiti. I live in Northern California where I work as a Gardner/landscaper. I've been blessed in life with a beautiful home and I want to help those less fortunate by helping to provide them with place that they can call "home sweet home." I look forward to meeting, traveling and working with everyone. The fact that my son Ethan is joining us makes it all the more special, for me.

Ethan Weinstein  (SEND PHOTO!)

Hello my name is Ethan Weinstein and I am planning on going to India this summer with the group. I am 18 years old and have traveled on trips like this before. I'm excited to travel and do great work again. I'm looking forward to it

Jacqueline Rouse        Iowa
I'm a school librarian from Bettendorf, Iowa that is often found on the back of a bicycle. I'm a mother of two wonderfully independent young ladies (Angela & Shelby) and a spouse (Kurt) who spends time worrying about me, but has far more dangerous hobbies than I!

Last summer was spent riding my bicycle across the United States with the Fuller Center Bike Adventure, spreading the word, fundraising and building along the way.  I feel blessed to have the health and resources to volunteer in many capacities.   I've participated in numerous Habitat builds and can guarantee that there will be many more in my futureJ  

"God willing and the devil mind his own business" (a famous quote I borrowed from a 95 year old friend named Fred)

I’m excited to meet each one of you and build homes and friendships!

Endless Blessing!  Jackie